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PRetty Slave Girl((AKA my crappy school project))
Pretty Slave Girl
A bead of sweat rolled down Elliot Jones' face. She straightened her back, standing upright. The hot sun was beating down on her dark skin, no trees to shade any of the other slaves in the large cotton field. Her hands were rough and calloused, tougher than rocks. She had worked in the vast green land for 5 years, ever sense she turned 13. Now she was 18, and dying to get out. She had been at the cursed place for so many years...
"Girl! Get back to work!" A rough voice called, dragging Elliot out of her thoughts. She bent down and began pulling more cotton from the spiked plants.
She thought back to when she had freedom, back in Africa, before she had been shipped through the rough trade routes and treated like a bag of flour instead of a human. Her parents had died on the trip over, so she had no one. No one but herself.
That night, as Elliot lay on her rough cot, she imagined what it would be like to be free. Free... that word was the least spoken on the plantation,
:iconroselilly312:roselilly312 2 11
Magic of the Moment
The second when you wake up
And the grass is covered in morning dew
The second when the sun comes up
Share a beautiful sunrise with you
The second when we come together
As one person, as one soul
The second that I share with you
Is the one I cherish most
And now our hearts finally
Beat as one
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We're Over
A promise broken
But you say
A sweet word
A lie told
But you give
A gentle kiss
I don't know how
You keep me here
But I'm done
We're over
:iconroselilly312:roselilly312 1 20
Can't Believe This
As I stare after your
Retreating back
I can't believe that
You said no.
As I think about your
Cruel voice, empty words
I can't believe that
I let you lead me on.
As I hear your
Empty voice
I can't believe that
You found someone new.
You found her
When you could've had me.
I gave you everything.
and now you're gone.
:iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 24
PruCan One Shot
Guys, this is a one shot, please be nice.
Matthew glanced at his reflection in a window, grimacing at his own tear-stained eyes. How he hated those eyes, and the glasses that framed them. It didn't matter any more, though. Tonight, it would all end.
"I can't believe you, Matthew! Keeping secrets, from me of all people!" Gilbert's burning face was red with rage.
"What? How could you accuse me of keeping secrets, when you have so many yourself? I don't even know you any more, Gilbert!" Tears streamed down Matthew's cheeks, catching in the strands of honey-blonde hair that hung over his face. Angrily, he shoved the albino away and stormed to the door. "That's it, Gilbert! I'm leaving! I'm done with this!"
A coaxing breeze swept honey-colored hair in front of Matthew's ears. The ground, many stories below, was almost empty, devoid of life save a single car. He couldn't tell if it was occupied. It didn't matter. Another gust of wind buffeted his bac
:iconroselilly312:roselilly312 9 15
Mature content
PruCan- Love You :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 3 8
Future World Domination by roselilly312 Future World Domination :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 0 KEEP CALM AND HUG A CREEPER by roselilly312 KEEP CALM AND HUG A CREEPER :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 7 12 Happy Cow by roselilly312 Happy Cow :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 2 Elemental Princess Watercolor by roselilly312 Elemental Princess Watercolor :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 3 0 Sleeping Fairy by roselilly312 Sleeping Fairy :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 0 Word Gun by roselilly312 Word Gun :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 0 Watercolor Rose by roselilly312 Watercolor Rose :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 0
A Pearl Wedding
I close my eyes
And fantasize
My perfect white pearl wedding.
The beautiful dress,
The stumble-free service,
Flower girls happily skipping.
The moment I throw the lily bouquet,
A blushing bridesmaid will snatch it up.
A happy reception,
Without a correction,
My groom and I sharing a cup.
And what would the wedding be,
Without you but with me?
I know that you don't love me now,
But with subtle hints,
And maybe a kiss,
Your love is the only my heart will allow.
:iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 0
Apple Pie
Warm, freshly baked, a
Delicious slice of apples
In a golden crust
:iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 0
Have A Heart, Don't Be A Bully by roselilly312 Have A Heart, Don't Be A Bully :iconroselilly312:roselilly312 0 0


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China x Reader - How to say 'I Love You'
  "Hey, Yao, can I ask you something?"
  "Yes, aru?"
  "Y'know fortune cookies, right? Well... are they true?" you asked, fiddling with the hem of your shirt.
  Yao stopped in his tracks at this, causing you to nearly crash into his back if it weren't for your cat-like reflexes.
  He seemed to be... blushing...? No... maybe it was just your imagination... but his cheeks really did seem light pink...
  The only reason he had stopped in his tracks was because of something that had happened a few days ago...
  You were at a Chinese restaurant that Yao had recommended to come to on this day, for it was having some sort of discount and you liked to take advantage of any types of discounts.
  As you were seated, you had that uneasy feeling of being... watched? Shrugging it off, you merely blamed it on your imagination.
  After ordering and eating your dinner, the waiter gave you the bill with a fortu
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 909 215
Hetalia Cake by KralleCakes Hetalia Cake :iconkrallecakes:KralleCakes 4,961 1,155 Marceline by conniiption Marceline :iconconniiption:conniiption 7,298 994



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I have been drawing and painting on canvas and paper for about 8 years. My specialty, right now(it changes all the time), is manga and abstract.


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